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Well, they are actually the same technology with different marketing name presented by different business owners.

It is a virtual reality technology to demonstrating a business in an immersive and interactive way. 

Clients can walk through the multiple scenes virtually, for example, in a real estate VR Tour, users can walk into living room, kitchen and bedrooms sequentially, just like an open home tour.

Becasue of the tripod used in the photography shooting, the blind sopt exists in each 3D VR photo and not possible to be removed if the photoes are shot by an automative 360 camera.

The solution is to replace the blind spot with business owner’s Logo.

This is an amazing technology to eliminate any blind spot created by the tripod for professional 3D VR projects, creates a flawless visual experience.

Of course it requires professional photography and post-photographic techniques.

In the majority of the cases, PanoVeeR provides 4K/6K resolution, which is good enough.

And we also provide the True 8K No blind spot, the ultimate professional VR resolution.

Any business have a need to demonstrate its space, enviroment, exterior or interior structures, such as real estate, retail with shops, interior/exterior decoration, exhibition, showroom, display suite, vehicle sales, historical buildings, construction, and etc.

Try to look down on the ground by moving mouse or touching screen, there is no blind spot caused by the tripod, powered by VOT.
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